Equipment List


    SSL SL-9072J with Ultimation and Total Recall

    SSL 9000J 16 Channel side-car

    Crane Song Avocet



    Barefoot Sound MM27 Generation II

    Klein and Hummel 0300D

    Tannoy DMT System 215

    Yamaha NS-10 Near Field

    Dunlavy SC-IV Anniversary Edition

    Dynaudio 5.1 Surround System

    B&W 805 Nautilus


Tape Machines:

    (2) AVID HDX ProTools systems

    Studer A800 MKIII- 2” Analog Tape Recorder

    Studer A810- 1/2" Two-Track Master Recorder

    Ampex ATR-102 1/2" Two-Track Master Recorder

    (2) Tascam DA-RA1000HD

    (2) Panasonic SV3800 Dat Machine

    (2) Sony PCM-R500 Dat Machine

    (3) Alesis Adat XT w/ BRC

    (3) DA-88 w/ Remote control

    (2) Nakamichi MR-2 Cassette Decks


Pro Tools Systems:

    (2) AVID ProTools HDX system

    (2) AVID 192 Digital

    (1) AVID Sync I/O

    (1) Antelope Isochrone 10M Rubidium Atomic Clock

    (2) Antelope Orion (A/D, D/A)

    (1) SSL XLogic Delta-Link MADI HD (MADI Interface)

    (3) Apogee DA-16 (16 D/A)

    Lavry Black DA-10

    Lavry Black AD-10

    Various Plugins available


Outboard Gear:

    (2) Pultec EQP1a (matched, all original pair)

    Neve Masterpiece II (includes all processing modules)

    Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

    Shadow Hills Gamma 8 Mic Pre (8 channels)

    SPL PassEQ

    TC M6000 (reverb, surround, and mastering options)

    Manley Vari-Mu (compressor, limiter)

    Manley Elop (limiter)

    Manley Massive Passive (pultec style passive eq)

    (6) Neve 1272 Preamp (original Neve modules)

    Tube Tech SMC-2B (frequency dependant compressor)

    Tube Tech CL-1B (compressor)

    Crane Song IBIS (mastering eq)

    DW Fearn VT-5 (mastering eq)

    Requisite Audio Pal+ (tube preamp and limiter)

    (2) Avalon VT737sp (tube pre-amp, compressor, eq)

    (2) Avalon 747sp (stereo compressor,eq)

    Avalon U-5 (active direct box)

    Avalon AD-2055 (stereo eq)

    (6) API 3124 plus (quad mic pre)

    (10) API 550B (eq)

    (4) API 560 (eq)

    (6) API 525C (compressor/limiter)

    A-designs Hammer

    Focusrite ISA215 (dual mic pre, eq)

    John Hardy M-1 (quad mic pre)

    Millenia Media HV3 (dual mic pre)

    Yamaha Rev-7 (digital effects)

    NTI EQ-3- Sound Enhancement System (mastering eq)

    (2) Lexicon 300L (digital effects engine with larc)

    (2) Lexicon PCM 80 (digital effects)

    Eventide H3000SE- Ultra Harmonizer

    (2) Urei 1176LN (AE - anniversary edition matched pair)

    Teletronix LA-2A (compressor)

    Urei 510 (graphic eq)

    Urei 1178 (stereo limiter)

    Drawmer 1960 (dual mic pre, compressor, DI)

    Apogee DA-16 (16 channel D/A converter)

    (2) DBX 160VU (compressor)

    DBX 165A (compressor)

    DBX 160SL (compressor)

    SPL 9632 (digital limiter)

    Waves L2 Ultramaximizer (digital limiter)

    Orban 526A (de-esser)

    Prism Maselec MLA-2 (mastering compressor/limiter)

    Maselec MLA-3 (mastering multiband compressor)

    (4) Drawmer DS-201 (dual channel gate)

    (2) Drawmer DS-241 (dual channel compressor)

    Midiman syncman pro

    (6) Countryman (active DI)

    (4) Whirlwind Hotbox (active DI)

    Z-Systems 8x8 (digital patchbay)

    A-designs REDDI (tube DI)

    Inward Connections TSL-3 (stereo tube limiter)

    Inward Connections DEQ-6 (stereo mastering eq)



    (1) Sony C-800G

    (2) Sony C-38B (matched pair)

    (1) Telefunken (Neumann) U47 (vintage)

    (1) Telefunken ELA-M251 (vintage)

    (1) Telefunken ELA-M214

    (2) Telefunken ELA-M260 (matched pair)

    (2) AEA R84 (matched pair)

    (2) AKG C12VR (matched pair)

    (1) Soundelux U-195

    (1) Manley Reference Microphone

    (2) Royer R-121 ribbon mic (matched pair)

    (2) Neumann TLM-103 (matched pair)

    (2) Neumann SM2 tube (stereo mic)

    (1) Neumann SM69 tube (stereo mic)

    (2) Neumann M-149 (stereo anniversary edition)

    (2) Neumann U47 fet

    (2) Neumann U-87ai

    (1) Neumann M-147

    (1) Neumann U-67

    (2) Neumann U-89i

    (2) Neumann KM-84i (matched pair)

    (3) Sennheiser/Telefunken MD421

    (1) Sennheiser MD-441

    (2) B&K 4011 (matched pair)

    (1) RCA 77DX

    (1) RCA 44BX

    (1) RCA BK-5

    (2) AKG D112

    (1) AKG C33 (stereo mic)

    (1) AKG D25

    (2) AKG 451E

    (2) AKG 414EB (matched pair)

    (4) Shure SM-57

    (1) Shure Green Bullet

    (2) Shure KSM-32

    (1) Shure Beta 52

    (2) Beyer Dynamic CK-701

    (1) Beyer Opus 65

    (1) EV RE-20

    (1) EV PL-20

    (2) Audio Technica  AT4050/CM5 (matched pair)

    (3) Audio Technica ATM450

    (2) Microtech Gefell M930 (matched pair)

    (2) Heil PR 30

    (2) Heil PR 40

    (1) Heil PR48


    (1) Craviotto Custom Red Birch Kit (24, 13, 16, 18)

    (1) Craviotto Split Shell Cherry/Walnut Kit (20, 12, 14)

    Craviotto Timeless Timber Snare

    1969 Ludwig Supraphonic Snare

    Yamaha Anton Fig Model Snare

    Slingerland Copper Snare

    Pearl Free-Floating Brass Snare

    Pork Pie Snare

    DW Edge Snare

    Yamaha C7 FII Conservatory Grand Piano (7’6”)

    1954 Hammond C-3 w/ leslie cabinet

    1956 Wurlitzer Model 200

    1970 Rhodes Suitecase Eighty-Eight

    1974 Rhodes Suitecase Seventy-Three

    1995 Matchless SC-30 (Mark Sampson Era)

    2010 Divided By Thirteen JRT 9/15 Head/ 2-12 Cabinet

    1998 Taylor Koa Limited Edition

Instruments & Amps


*All rates include professional & experienced engineer, all room equipment & instruments

**We offer discounts on full projects.  For a detailed proposal, please contact us.


Day Rate - $760/day (8 hours)

Hourly Rate $105/hour


Day Rate $680/day (8 hours)

Hourly Rate $95/hour


Standard Mastering Service (10 songs) $450

Analog Tape Mastering Service (10 songs) $680

Mastering (additional songs) $45/song

Additional Digital Editing $95/hour

PMCD Masters $20

Prepared For iTunes™ AAC Files $5/song

Interactive/Enhanced CD Production priced per job


Forensic Audio $125/hour

Expert Witness Service (priced per job)


Analog Tape (based on current pricing/availability)

Cassette/Micro Cassette $5

CDR $5

Hard Drive $150

Digital Storage $10 (per song)

Sessions Musicians (priced per project)


Replication and Duplication pricing is always custom, based on packaging, design, and quantity.  We do extremely large volumes that can save you money.

For Complete Pricing On Your Replication, Use Our Quote Form


Outboard Gear