What Our Clients Are Actually Saying...

About Us

"Amazing experience at Gat3, I'm showing mad love.  Make your dreams a reality and get to this place!"

"Glenn Tabor of Gat3 Productions Recording & Production Studios is going to make this song a HIT!! It's a blessing to have him in Charlotte."

"It was an honor to record at Gat3 today.  Unforgettable moments. I am humbled."

"What an amazing day at Gat3, I'm so thankful to be a part of this team. Learning so much . . . Loving it so much . . . Thank you Glenn and Susan Tabor."

"Thank you thank you thank you!!! You guys are amazing, I am so fortunate to call you home. Special thanks to Wade as always!!"

"I must say that Gat 3 is not only one of the finest studios we've ever recorded in, but Glenn and Susan Tabor are some of the best people you will find to work with. We're definitely excited about our upcoming new album being tracked here!! Thanks guys!" 

"I am simply amazed with the mix I received today from Gat3 Productions Recording & Production Studios on our second song. WOW is all I can say ...oh and I am dying to share!"

"I don't think I've felt this inspired and excited in YEARS. Thank you for putting in all of this hard work so that people like me can be invigorated again”


“This course is SO MUCH MORE than a

recording program. You’ve challenged me in ways I can’t explain”

“Everyone remotely interested in music production should take this course NOW!”

“I’ve never seen my son so excited about anything before! It’s given him a new outlook on life!”


What Our Recording Students Are Saying...


Glenn and Susan Tabor started with a vision they shared as husband and wife and business partners for nearly twenty years. They desired to build a company that nurtured relationships, built community, and achieved results. With an undeniable commitment to excellence and unwavering honesty, they have done just that. Gat3 is renown for outstanding facilities, equipment, microphones and world class production that they offer, not only in the Charlotte area, but to people across the world.


Susan is the Director of Operations for Gat3 and the Recording program. She understands the needs of her clients and works with them to formulate schedules, budgets and oversee their project throughout the process.  She is known to "gets things done" and creatively finds a way to make things happen.  She has a keen knowledge of publishing, distribution, and copyrights.


Glenn is a multiple Grammy™ Award winning mix engineer and producer.  His initials make up the company name.  Glenn’s knowledge and talent in the studio is innovative and impressive to anyone who has had the opportunity to work along side him. With over twenty years of experience, his undeniable business sense and passion for music is the heart of Gat3.


Glenn and Susan have assembled an impressive team that has worked with a variety of clients over the years.  From independents, to major label artists we love helping people create a future. Our production work has garnered Grammy™ awards, Dove™ awards, and most importantly word-of-mouth recognition that can’t be bought. Just ask around!

Wade Starnes, with more than twenty-five years in the studio, works with artists and teaches students in the Gat3 Recording Program.  His great musicianship and love of music, has created hundreds of thrilled clients.

Trenton Starnes is a young and talented keyboardist and songwriter.  His live experience and love for community is invaluable as he develops the Gat3 Collective.

Whoever we are working with in the studios today, is our most important client.